Qstock 2021 TICKETS


  • THE 2020 TICKET IS USABLE AS SUCH FOR 2021: All tickets purchased for the 2020 festival will be valid as such for the year 2021. We already wish to thank all those who have decided to save their ticket for next year. In the midst of the corona crisis this has a huge significance to the festival. However, if you do wish to return your ticket, you have full right to do so. You can return your ticket until 24 July 2020. Please read the instructions here.
  • EXCHANGING TICKETS BETWEEN FRI <> SAT: You can switch your day ticket purchased for 2020 to a different one (FRI<>SAT) by 1 April 2021, unless the ticket category has been sold out by that time. You will pay a Ticketmaster processing fee of 4 euros upon the exchange.
  • UPDATING YOUR TICKET: By 1 April 2021, you can also update a ticket purchased for 2020 to a 2-day or VIP ticket by paying the difference between the ticket prices along with the Ticketmaster processing fee.

Please note! Only one exchange or update per purchased ticket. The ticket can be exchanged or updated only at Ticketmaster ticketing outlets.

  • TICKETS FOR SALE: The tickets for 2021 are being sold according to the current price categories for the time being. Tickets will not be available for lower than current prices at any point.

Prices valid until further notice:

Prices include Ticketmaster processing fee of 4 euros.

  • FRIDAY – 84 €

  • SATURDAY – 94 €

  • 2-DAY – 131 €

  • VIP FRIDAY – 179 €

  • VIP SATURDAY – 199 €

  • VIP 2-DAY – 294 €




Ticketmaster Finland is the only ticket sales service provider for Qstock Festival. Please purchase your ticket only from the official vendor through Ticketmaster ticketing channels.

Read more about the processing and delivery fees at the Ticketmaster Finland website. You can contact Ticketmaster Finland with any questions concerning the sales. Ticket sales at the gate will be opened if any advance tickets are left unsold.


Purchasing limits and usage of tickets

Purchasing limit: 10 tickets / customer


Osuuskauppa Arina offers owners’ discount for Qstock ticket – SOLD OUT!

Osuuskauppa Arina offered Christmas Qstock tickets purchased at Prisma stores in Oulu, Kempele, Kemi, Tornio and Rovaniemi with an S co-op membership card for 105 € + processing fee 4 €. A limited number of discount tickets available between 28 November and 31 December 2020. Christmas Qstock tickets are sold out. Buying a ticket does not increase owner’s bonus.

Paying with culture vouchers

Smartum exercise and culture vouchers, Smartum credit card plus Tyky-Kuntoseteli+ vouchers (for culture) as well as Edenred Virikeseteli vouchers are all applicable as payment at Ticketmaster Finland outlets, depending on the individual outlet. The event organiser cannot influence which outlets accept which voucher.

Age limits and free wristbands

There is no age limit for attending the Qstock festival. Under 10-year-olds (born on 1 August 2011 or later) can access the festival for free. Under 10-year-olds are guaranteed a free wristband in the company of an adult who has purchased a ticket. A maximum of two children under 10 are allowed to enter the festival area in the company of an adult who has a ticket. Free wristbands can be collected from the wristband exchange next to the main festival gates. Age must be verified.

Enemmän Elämää! packages for over 60-year-olds for sale in Oulu starting 30 Jan 2020 – SOLD OUT!

People over the age of 60 can once again attend the festival through the Enemmän Elämää! ticket package offered by Qstock, Hukka Health Club and Kaleva newspaper. Sales begun on 30 January 2020 at Hukka Health Club in Oulu. Packages were sold out in one day. Enemmän Elämää! packages are valid for Qstock 2021.

The proceeds have been donated to leisure activities for disadvantaged children and youth in Oulu. The fundraising is organised by Oulu Deaconess Institute, which will target the proceeds to proper objectives. Only persons over 60 years of age can attend the festival with a Enemmän Elämää! wristband, but also a younger person can purchase the package for an older one as a gift.
Age must be verified at the festival entrance gates by providing valid proof of identification.

Free assistant wristbands for people with mobility impairments

If your disability requires you to have an assistant present, he or she can collect a free wristband the wristband exchange next to the main festival gates in the company of the assisted person. The wristband exchange serves customers during the festival, 30 – 31 July 2021. Only one assistant per aided person is entitled to a free wristband. The assisted person must have a Qstock ticket or wristband.

Age recommendations

Qstock festival Qstock festival recommends that all festival guests under the age of 15 enter the festival area in the company of an adult. The nature of such a big public event makes safety a collective issue for all festival guests, and Qstock provides these guidelines to further this cause.

Qstock takes place in Kuusisaari and Raatti area in Oulu on 30 and 31 July 2021. Qstock has been sold out for seven summers in a row, and the event is established as one of the biggest festivals in Finland. Last year the festival gathered a record-breaking attendance of 40,000 people over two days.