Prices valid until 31th of March

FRI from 69€
SAT from 79€
2 DAYS from 109€

Prices valid from 1st of April

FRI from 75€
SAT from 85€
2 DAYS from 115€

Sales: Ticketmaster Finland

Ticketmaster tickets sold also at all R Kiosks!

Exclusive tickets to VIP area >> READ MORE

Also accommodation packages are up for sale. See below.

Depending on the method of delivery, a Ticketmaster service fee will be added to the ticket price. Read more about the service and delivery costs at the Ticketmaster Finland website. You can contact Ticketmaster Finland with any questions concerning the sales. Ticket sales at the festival gates will be opened if any advance tickets are left unsold.

First 250 ticket buyers get a Qstock beanie!

A Qstock beanie will be sent afterwards to the first 250 customers who buy a ticket through Ticketmaster ticketing channels from 22th of January onwards. The gift does not apply to tickets bought from R Kiosks or Chistmast Ticket pre-sale campaign (1.-31.12.2017).

N.B! Purchasing limit 10 tickets/customer.
Please note! The Qstock tickets must not be used as prizes for lotteries or competitions without a written permit from Qstock Oy.

Buy a Qstock ticket from any Arina Prisma store in Oulu, Kempele, Kemi, Tornio and Rovaniemi as well as the Sokos Herkku kiosk at Valkea Shopping Centre with an S co-op membership card and save the service fee. A limited supply of tickets is available.

Ticketing outlets:

For a full list of Ticketmaster Finland outlets, click here.
Ticketing outlets in the Oulu region:

Accommodation ticket packages:

Accommodation partners of the Qstock festival provides wide variety of different kinds of accommodation possibilities. During the ticket pre-sale also accommodation ticket packages are sold for special prices. Please contact the accommodation partners in order to receive more information.

Culture vouchers:

Smartum exercise and culture vouchers, Smartum culture value card, Tyky-Kuntoseteli+ vouchers (for culture) and the all-new Virikeseteli, Ticket Virike® (Mind&Body®) ja Ticket Duo® vouchers are all applicable as payment at Ticketmaster Finland outlets, depending on the individual outlet. Visit the Ticketmaster website for a list of which culture vouchers are accepted at which Ticketmaster ticketing outlet.

Age limits and free wristbands:

There is no age limit for attending the Qstock festival 27–28 July 2018. Under 10-year-olds (born on 29 July 2008 or later) can access the festival for free.
Under 10-year-olds are guaranteed a free wristband in the company of an adult who has purchased a ticket. A maximum of two children under 10 are allowed to enter the festival area in the company of an adult who has a ticket. Free wristbands can be collected from the accreditation desk in the Raatti Swimming Bath (Raatintie 2). Age must be verified.

Free assistant wristbands for people with mobility impairments:
If your disability requires you to have an assistant present, he or she can collect a free wristband at the accreditation desk in your company. The accreditation desk is located in the Raatti Swimming Bath (Raatintie 2) in the immediate vicinity of the festival area and open during the festival on 27-28 July 2018. Only one assistant per aided person is entitled to a free wristband. The assisted person must have a Qstock ticket or wristband.


Enemmän Elämää! ticket package for over 60-year-olds – pre-sale in Oulu starts 1.3.2018

hukka_logo_pieni kaleva_logo_pieni

Qstock, Hukka Health Club and Kaleva newspaper once again combine forces to offer people of over 60 years of age the possibility to attend the festival with the special Enemmän Elämää! ticket. Detailed package info will be informed before 1.3.2018.

Sales: Hukka Health Club, Isokatu 99, 90120 Oulu
Note! A limited supply of Enemmän Elämää! packages available. 

The proceeds will be donated to leisure activities for low-income children and youth in Oulu. The fundraising is organised by Oulu Deaconess Institute, which also targets the proceeds to proper objectives.

Only people over 60 are allowed to enter the festival with the Enemmän Elämää! wristband but the package can be purchased also as a gift.
The entrants must verify their age at the festival gates by providing an official ID.


Age recommendations

Qstock festival recommends that all festival guests under the age of 15 enter the festival area in the company of an adult. The nature of such a big public event makes safety a collective issue for all the festival guests, and Qstock provides these guidelines to further this cause.

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