Covid-19 does not affect Qstock preparations

Large Finnish festivals has been cancelled from upcoming summer. We heard people might be concerned about Qstock`s situation. We wish to inform You all, that our preparations towards Qstock 2021 are proceeding in normal schedule and we do not have plans to cancel the event – not yet. We are monitoring the situation closely and we keep dialogue hot with authorities. If other decisions would need to be made, we would inform about the changing situation here in qstock.fi and in social media channels of this festival.

If the worse is to happen and the festival should be cancelled from 2021, following will take place:

👉 Purchased ticket remain valuable as such for the 2022 edition of Qstock Festival.

👉 Option to return the ticket would arise. We will give further instructions if this would be the case

Let`s hope for the best!

💜 Q

📷: Mika Vallineva Qstock /2019