All through the year 2019 we heard whispers about Kemopetrol making some sort of a comeback to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their debut album. And the whispers were correct – apart from one universally cancelled year of touring in between. So, we shall declare it once more: Kemopetrol are making a comeback after a hiatus since 2011! In the early 2000s, Kemopetrol were one of the most luminous groups in the Finnish music scene, acclaimed as modern pioneers for their sound and production. Lead singer Laura Närhi fascinated listeners with her velvety voice and the single Child Is My Name played intensely on the airwaves. Kemopetrol are a band you wanted to see 20 years ago, and now you have the chance to do it once again! The summer’s festival set will include all the songs from the group’s debut album, Slowed Down.