Ellinoora was no older than 17 when she signed her first recording contract. She also brings a hint of local colour to Qstock – pink, in this case. Having released her second album last autumn, this singer/songwriter points out things that might otherwise go unnoticed in today’s glossy world. Ellinoora is so productive she writes music for other singers, too – a certain Kaija Koo, for example.Despite his sarcastic and self-critical attitude with himself and popularity, Pyhimys is one of Finland’s most popular artists today. With a long history in rap music, Pyhimys is no stranger to awards: he cleaned the table at last year’s Emma gala following the Tapa poika album. The latest effort, Olisinpa täällä, with prog group Saimaa was released last spring. Also a member of Ruger Hauer and Teflon Brothers, Pyhimys will release yet another album this winter. It takes no psychic capabilities to predict this release will be one of the big events next year.