American punk icons The Offspring and Australian hard rock group Airbourne are the first big international names confirmed for Qstock 2019 festival which will take place in Oulu, Finland.

During their long career, The Offspring have released nine albums, of which the 1994 release of Smash paved the group’s way to worldwide fame. Airbourne, on the other hand, have made four albums, and their debut Runnin’ Wild was awarded as the best debut album at Metal Hammer’s Golden God Awards in 2008. Since then, the group fierce songs have received global attention also on the playlists of several video games.

Among the most interesting Finnish names on the ticket for next summer’s Qstock is new super lineup Ville Valo & Agents who have recently recorded previously unreleased songs by late Finnish legend Rauli “Badding” Somerjoki. The first single by the project was released in September and a full album is due for release in February.  

Other confirmed acts for Qstock so far include Anna Puu, Apulanta, Beast In Black, Barbe-Q-Barbies, Elastinen, Evelina, Infected Rain (MD), JVG, Kaija Koo, Michael Monroe, Popeda, Radiopuhelimet, Rytmihäiriö, Stam1na, The 69 Eyes, Vesala, and Vesterinen Yhtyeineen.

The formation of next summer’s programme is exceptionally well on its way at this stage of the year. We will disclose our next big news already in January, when for example our Saturday headliner will be announced. It is going to be a great Qstock lineup once again,” says Festival Director Mikko Forstén.

The sales of coveted Qstock Christmas tickets have commenced today and will continue until the end of the year. At the moment, a regular two-day ticket will cost 109 euros at its cheapest, and the price will go up after the turn of the year. A limited number of Christmas tickets is available.

Also Qstock VIP tickets are now for sale. The VIP ticket does not include meal or drink stamps, but vouchers will have to be ordered separately.

Both ticket types are for sale through Ticketmaster and at the Prisma department stores in Oulu, Kempele, Kemi, Tornio and Rovaniemi. The tickets from Prisma outlets are available without a processing fee for holders of S co-op membership cards.

One-day tickets will be up for sale in January.

Read more about ticket sales HERE.

Qstock festival will take place in the area of Kuusisaari and Raatti islands in Oulu on 26 and 27 July 2019. The festival has been sold out for six summers in a row and it has established its status as one of the biggest festivals in Finland. Last year the event attracted an audience of 35 000 people over two days.