The programme of the Qstock 2017 festival is now complete. More than 60 acts will perform at the festival over two days. The headliners feature Marilyn Manson (USA), Alice Cooper (USA), Profeetat and Haloo Helsinki! Check out schedules here:

The last confirmed international acts at Qstock’s 15th anniversary festival are the Australian singer/songwriter Stu Larsen and the English rock band Dead! Some time ago, Larsen gave up his secure everyday life for a vagabond lifestyle, and he is popping by at Qstock right before a 21-show North American tour. Dead! play an unapologetic style of rock and have already been recognised as a solid live act, ploughing their way to festivals all around Europe even though they are only just finishing their first album.

Sara Maria Forsberg became known for her ”Smoukahontas” video blog, and now she is making an international music career under the artist name SAARA. She is also working on her debut album with top Finnish names Teemu Brunila and Hank Solo. Lihamyrsky record label’s artists Musta Barbaari, Seksikäs-Suklaa, Dosdela, Prinssi Jusuf, Ruudolf and DJ VG+ have performed as a super group before, but at Qstock the posse is further enhanced by the King of Finnish R&B, Karri Koira.

Other acts at Qstock include Huora, Nopsajalka, Julma H x Sairas T, Dallas Kalevala, Raappana, Negatiiviset Nuoret and Mira Luoti as well as the Oulu Stage acts Laid Back Townies, Spaz Caroon, The Aeon, Zacharius Carls Group, Teekkaritorvet, Boar, Ivory Woods, SANE and Sleeping In Seattle.

The music at the Rytmiranta Beach Party is brought to you by DJs Sleezy, Pef, Illyana, J-Honey, Tiskijukkapekka, Somepoe and Miha, along with Cool Down Reggae.

”Our anniversary programme is a versatile and classy package seasoned with fresh novelties from Finland and abroad. It seems that the familiar Finnish top acts now pay more attention to the visual side of their shows, so we are in for some very impressive gigs at Qstock, ” says Artist Coordinator Sanna Kantola.

”The new international acts, on the other hand, serve as a taste of what is going on abroad, and the confirmation of Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper was a success we had long been hoping for. This year’s Qstock will be a particularly tasty feast.”


Friday 28.7.:
Marilyn Manson (USA), Danko Jones (CAN), JP Cooper (UK), Teflon Brothers, Chisu, Haloo Helsinki!, Michael Monroe, Egotrippi, Radiopuhelimet, Turmion Kätilöt, Apulanta, Mokoma Akustisena, Disco Ensemble, Kuningasidea, S-Tool, Pete Parkkonen, Bry (IRE), Santa Cruz, Julma H x Sairas T, Dead! (UK), Huora, Nopsajalka, Laid Back Townies, Spaz Caroon, The Aeon, Zacharius Carls Group.

Saturday 29.7.:
Profeetat, Alice Cooper (USA), Imperial State Electric (SWE), Amaranthe (SWE), The Charm The Fury (NL), Antti Tuisku, Kaija Koo, JVG, Roope Salminen & Koirat, SANNI, Ellinoora, Stam1na, Pauli Hanhiniemen Retkue, Atomirotta, Jenni Vartiainen, Battle Beast, Poets of the Fall, Ida Paul & Kalle Lindroth, Reino Nordin, Miriam Bryant (SWE), Pariisin Kevät, Mikael Gabriel, Stu Larsen (AUS), SAARA, Dallas Kalevala, Raappana, Negatiiviset Nuoret, Mira Luoti, Lihamyrsky feat. Karri Koira, Teekkaritorvet, Boar, Ivory Woods, SANE, Sleeping In Seattle, Tube Talent Special: Herbalisti, Hermanni, ANNIKA.

Beach Party DJ’s: DJ Sleezy, DJ Pef, DJ Illyana, DJ J-Honey, DJ Tiskijukkapekka, DJ Miha, DJ Somepoe, Cool Down Reggae.


Qstock 28.-29.7.2017 - 15. juhlavuosi​
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