Getting there


The Qstock festival area is located in Kuusisaari in the near vicinity of Oulu City Centre. The exact address of the event area is Raatintie 4, 90100 Oulu.

You can check the location of the festival area in relation to the city centre in our access map.


Here are some options for approaching Qstock:

By train or bus

People from out of town can easily and ecologically arrive in Oulu by train. For exact timetables, click here. You can find national bus timetables on the Matkahuolto and pages, and the timetables for the Oulu regional buses can be accessed through the Google Transit route guide. The Oulu train and bus stations are located just a couple of kilometres from the festival area.

The comparison service allows you to find the bus and train timetables and fares easily. The service includes the national train network and many of the major bus operators: Matkahuolto, Onnibus, Savonlinja, Pori Express and Pohjolan Liikenne.

Qstock Express

A non-stop bus service by Qstock Express is once again available between Nallikari camping, Qstock and the city centre. More information coming up!

By plane

The Oulu Airport is closed for traffic between 26 June and 31 July due to renovation. Norwegian and Finnair offer replacing connections to and from the Kemi-Tornio airport, and passengers travelling on these transferred flights are offered free bus transport from Kemi to Oulu and back.

You can find the bus transport timetables here. Travellers are asked to sign up for the transport in advance with this form.. The bus route goes from Kemi-Tornio Airport through Oulu Bus Station to Oulu Airport and back the same way. The bus transport adds approximately 1.5 hours to the travel time.

By car or taxi

Qstock takes place close to the Oulu city centre, and this is why access by car right next to the festival area has not been made possible. However, there is a taxi stand near the festival area in Linnansaari by the pink café. You can also call the regional Oulu taxi by phone: 0600 300 81.

Group rides

Why not travel together? Group rides are a useful way to share travel expenses and keep company while on the road. Various group ride services link people with available rides with people who need one:


Facebook group ride group

By bike or foot

In Linnansaari nearby the Qstock festival area there is a bicycle parking zone, where you can easily leave your bike. Remember that you store your bike there at your own risk.

By foot you can access the area most conveniently through the Oulu Market Square towards Linnansaari, or via the Merikoski bridges. You can also easily walk across the Pikisilta bridge joining Pikisaari and Raatinsaari islands together. One of the wristband exchange and checkpoints is also located near it. The gates by the Pikisilta bridge are open on both festival days from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Please note you cannot leave your bike near the Pikisilta bridge – only at the Linnansaari bike parking zone!

Traffic arrangements

The Qstock weekend closes the roads around Kuusisaari and the Raatti training field for the duration of the festival. There is a separate entrance route arranged for the residents and guests of Pikisaari residential area. These people can pass through the cycleway by the Raatti boat dock. Pikisaari residents also get their personal driving passes, which will be distributed to each resident’s postbox.

Qstock construction and dissasembly

A lot of heavy machinery and vehicles will operate around the festival area and its vicinity during Qstock construction week from Thu 20 to Thu 27 July as well as on the disassembly days from Sun 30 July through Fri 4 August.
The cycleway between Toivoniemi and Kuusisaari is closed between 11 a.m. on Mon 24 July and Sunday evening 30 July. Signs will be posted well in advance to show the route via Merikoski bridges.
Please exercise special caution when moving along the cycleways and roads during this time!


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