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Qstock serves tastier and more versatile festival food than ever before

Qstock always wants to develop the experience within the festival area further, and this year we are putting a special effort into the selection of festival food. For example the selection in the peaceful Chill Out Park is now expanded according to customers’ wishes. More gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan alternatives are also available.

“In recent years, food culture has gained a more and more significant role also at festivals. This year we had the opportunity to bring more Oulu restauranteurs in to produce diverse and flavoursome festival food”
– Restaurant Manager Pirjo Palonen

The selection of festival drinks will also be updated on these pages.

The diverse selection of Qstock festival food is brought to you by:

Pizzeria Napoli

An Oulu staple since 1985, Pizzeria Napoli is located near the festival area in the Tuira district. This year they are bringing their tasty pizzas and other dishes to Qstock for the very first time! Napoli’s stand will be situated in the Chill Out Park where they will serve pan pizzas and doner kebab dishes, not forgetting the drinks.

Oulun Baari

Maikkula’s own Oulun Baari serves the first Buffalo wings in the Qstock festival history. You can select your sauce from two different options in genuine Siipiweikot fashion. The wings are always served with celery and carrot sticks, not forgetting the tasty and original blue cheese dip. You can also get some drinks here.

Antell Cafés & Paulig

Antell is one of the oldest existing enterprises in Oulu, and once again they will set up a festival café at Qstock. They serve their coffee in collaboration with Paulig coffee company. The selection includes coffee and tea as well as sweet and savoury treats to satisfy small cravings. Their Chill Out Park stand also features cold coffee drinks including this summer’s hit, the Cold Brew. These will keep you going until the morning without a headache! You can find the Antell stands in the food court near the info desk, at the Chill Out Park, and inside the VIP area. Head for the blue balloon!


The famous Oulu burger joint Kauppuri5 is making an appearance at Qstock this summer. The restaurant has created an extra special edition for the festival crowd: Festival Meat! The hearty dish includes a mild BBQ burger patty, ”Lebanese onion”, slow-cooked roast beef and bacon, seasoned with chili & garlic mayo. The burger is test run at Kauppuri5 from the beginning of June and it is naturally available also at Qstock. Also available gluten-free! Another Kauppuri5 masterpiece served at Qstock is a ”Festival Heinäpää” dish with 4 different meats plus salad.

tuban patongit

Tuba Food & Lounge

Tuba Food & Lounge bring their pop-up restaurant to Kuusisaari for the fourth year running. Tuba trust their locally produced food and fresh ingredients, and once again their selection includes high-quality street food such as subs with Feta cheese and tzatziki filling or Viskaali Pastrami, as well as Tuba Burgers.
You can choose from one or more patties or extra cheese as well as a house-made vegan seitan patty. Gluten-free versions available!

Nordic Gourmet’s Qstock Food Court

Specialists in street food and festival catering, Nordic Gourmet will create a food court with fresh street food for the Qstock crowd. Its many food trucks and pop-up stands serve flavourful snacks for various tastes from artisan burgers and pitas to traditional fast food.

Poppamies Burger Beast food truck

ROAARRRR!!! The Poppamies Burger Beast Food Truck brings on Qstock’s hottest artisan burgers with awesome BBQ sauces. The burgers are made with freshly baked artisan buns, using a 150-gramme Black Angus patty designed for Burger Beast, or a handmade vegan falafel patty. Their selection includes at least a SmokyAppleBBQ-Pulled Pork Burger, Habanero Burger, Cheese Burger, Veggie Burger, BBQ Bacon Burger and of course “THE BEAST” that is worthy its name! (lactose-free food, veggie food)

The Pop-Up Truck goes Qstock

The Pop-Up Truck serves the festival crowd with a menu that is designed exclusively for Qstock. The cornerstones of the menu are its mighty burgers that the chefs have designed using flavours from Finland and abroad. How would you like a Q-BURGER: a brioche bun with BBQ pork cooked overnight, brandy onions and the kitchen’s special Asian Slaw seasoned with ginger? Or a completely vegan 6SAARI, including a 140g handmade vegan patty, grilled pineapple, lettuce with herbs and Vegennaise-based chipotle dip? (lactose-free food, gluten-free food, vegan food)


Street Pitas Food Truck

Mediterranean flavours and tasty pitas! Street Pitas Food Truck brings a tasty selection of artisan pitas to Qstock, with fillings ranging from vegan falafels and chicken to Black Angus beef kebab. The fresh flavours are seasoned with cilantro, chili and mint. The dishes are crowned by a yoghurt-based, fresh dressing. Also available are delicious, Mediterranean salads. CHILL OUT AND EAT PITAS! (lactose-free and gluten-free food)


Beef & Pork festival grill

A meat lover’s best festival friend is also coming to Kuusisaari. The Beef & Pork Festival Grill’s menu include hearty servings of Black Angus Kebab, tender Pulled Pork and tasty country hash with smoked Finnish grain-fed pork. Besides these, their selection includes gourmet meat and veggie hot dogs designed especially for Qstock. (lactose- and gluten-free food)

Nordic Fish Restaurant

The Fish Restaurant brings pure Nordic flavours to Qstock in the form of excellent fish delicacies. Come and try out the smoked salmon with blue cheese, broiled pepper salmon or archipelago whitefish. Naturally they also serve the all-time festival classic, battered and fried vendace from Kuusamo. The tasty fish dishes are served with Parisienne potatoes, seasonal vegetables and garlic aioli or Caribbean lime dressing. (low-lactose food)

American Grill

Hearty BBQ and meaty treats in true American fashion! The Original American Grill serves its own pulled pork with Kansas City BBQ sauce, tasty and tender barbecue ribs and grilled chicken. The dishes come served with rustic potato wedges, grilled tomato, coleslaw and their own American mayo that crowns the dish. (gluten- and lactose-free food)

Traditional Festival Grill

What would a rock festival be without the true festival classic: traditional sausage and fries? The Festival Grill serves tasty kebab plates, delicious sausage and fries, and fruity wok dishes with chicken skewers and falafels. There are several Festival Grills in the Qstock area, and they serve hungry festival customers throughout the event. (gluten- and lactose-free food)

Aalto Catering

Aalto Catering offers traditional festival chow with a twist: Their stand in Kuusisaari serves chorizo hash, smoked pork neck and grilled sausages

Flying Reindeer

Flying Reindeer Goes QSTOCK!
Come and taste the Flying Reindeer answer to the classic hot dog! Homemade sausages, proper buns and hand-crafted sides made by the best chefs in Oulu will set a new standard to late night snacks in Oulu!
If you get really hungry, their restaurant serves hungry and thirsty customers at Saaristonkatu 14 all through the festival weekend from 3 p.m. onwards.

These you can count on!

Sokos Herkku Kioski

In the festival area, our festival customers can rely on the Sokos Herkku Kiosk. You can easily pop in for snacks, alcohol-free drinks, ice-cream and raincoats, too, if you need one!

K-Supermarket Hovihalli

In the entrance area of the festival, we have the K-Supermarket Hovihalli’s container store that mainly sells refreshing drinks and water as well as quick and handy festival snacks.
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