Exclusive Tickets

Qstock 2017 Exclusive Tickets are now for sale!

Take your festival experience to a whole new level! Qstock once again offers an Exclusive Ticket to private persons who are over 18 years old. With the Exclusive Ticket, you can access the festival VIP area next to the Main Stage via a special VIP entrance.

The Exclusive Ticket (starting from 280€) includes:

  • 2-day entrance to Qstock 2017 Festival
  • a personalised Exclusive Pass
  • access to the VIP area right next to the Main Stage (age limit 18)
  • a special desk to change your ticket for an Exclusive Pass (ground floor lobby at Raatti Swimming Bath next to the VIP entrance)
  • special entrance to the festival
  • special cloakroom
  • better viewing from the VIP area platforms
  • special dining area
  • enhanced selection of drinks at the VIP Bar Area
  • Please note that the Exclusive Pass does not include meal or drink vouchers.


Brand new!
2-Day Upgrade starting from 175 €

Have you already purchased a 2-day ticket? Now you can update a pre-bought 2-day ticket into an Exclusive one!

Please note! The mere 2-Day Upgrade will not work as a ticket, you must combine it with a 2-day ticket. You must have both tickets with you at the accreditation desk when exchanging them for an Exclusive Pass. See specifications below.

Sales: Ticketmaster Finland sales channels

Prices with an S co-op membership card at the Prisma stores of Oulu, Kempele, Kemi, Tornio and Rovaniemi and at the Valkea Shopping Centre kiosk. Otherwise a Ticketmaster processing fee of 4 euros will be added to the price.

Please note! There are only 250 Exclusive and 2-Day Upgrade Tickets for sale, and they are available as 2-day tickets only. You must be 18 or older to use the ticket. The customer’s age will be verified when changing the ticket for a wristband. Please bring your ID. The ticket will be read electronically and changed tor a pass at the accreditation desk in the immediate vicinity of the festival area (ground floor lobby at Raatti Swimming Bath, Raatintie 2).

A letter with more specific information will be sent by e-mail to people who purchase their Exclusive Ticket through the Ticketmaster Finland website.


For more information on reclaiming your pass, please contact:

Accreditation Coordinator Ina Westerlund
ina.westerlund @ qstock.fi

For businesses

VIP and visibility packages available to businesses!

Sales and more information,
Cooperation Coordinator Olli Muhonen
olli.muhonen @ qstock.fi
045 145 0634

Qstock 28.-29.7.2017 - 15. juhlavuosi​
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