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Tube Talent Special: Herbalisti, Hermanni ja ANNIKA

Saturday × 12:00 - 13:00 × Sirkusteltta
This year the actual Qstock festival programme is complemented by the Tube Talent Special hosted by Finnish star YouTubers ANNIKA, Herbalisti and Hermanni. Their performance introduces questions, answers, challenges and of course a meet & greet. Herbalisti is a hungry young man who entertains his viewers mainly with game videos and a vlog. He enjoys what he does and it shows. Herbalisti believes in self-expression through YouTube and he is excited that he can make videos from the bottom of his heart to people who are genuinely interested. Hermanni Hyyryläinen is a funny and charming guy. Hermanni studies Finnish and is originally from Lappeenranta. He loves to play with language and he makes his videos with a strong south-eastern accent. Hermanni takes it easy, walking along his own path in life and showing his daily goings-on to a growing group of viewers in his weekly vlog. ANNIKA’s YouTube career started with a blog. Annika vlogs about her own passions and interests, such as shopping, beauty, cooking, hobby crafts and travelling.
Qstock 28.-29.7.2017 - 15. juhlavuosi​
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